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A Good Day at the Mall: Midcentury Modern Finds!

There’s a mall in nearby Washington, PA that came *this* close to dying one of those horrible, slow mall deaths, until it was remodeled about ten years ago. (Not like this mall, which has somehow been on life support for … Continue reading

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Deceptachair gets a makeover!

If you’ve been following this blog awhile—we’re talking a year here—you might remember The Deceptachair. It’s a high chair. It’s a chair. It’s a walker. It’s a potty seat. It’s from a company called Storchenmuehle (inventors of the carseat) and … Continue reading

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Meet the Deceptachair.

If Autobots wage battle to destroy the evil forces in this chair, I’ll kick them back to Cybertron. Of all the goodies we found at the Alameda Flea Market last Sunday (among them a framed puzzle of naked women playing … Continue reading

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The Amy Vanderbilt Success Program for Heiresses

Last summer, another Devil-Ette, The Spitfire, picked up a swell collection of pamphlets from the Alameda Flea Market. We shared a bus home from practice, and we spent one lovely ride home reading through selections from The Amy Vanderbilt Success … Continue reading

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