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A Brief Stay Between Vacations

We’re back home in San Francisco. But only until Thursday, when we pack up a rented SUV with the girls and my folks and head down to Monterey for a little fish-and-golf-viewing. A few things we learned on our two-week … Continue reading

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A Comedy of Errors, or All’s Well That Ends Well

What with the new baby in the picture, all our parents will be coming in and out to visit over the next few months. David’s mom and stepdad last week, his dad and stepmom next week, my folks in late … Continue reading

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Heading for the Hills: Seven Tips for a Weekend Vacation

On a quarterly-to-six-month basis, I get an itch to get outta town. It’s been literally months since I really left town, and a girl gets ants in her pants. When that happens, we take a weekend powder to one of the … Continue reading

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