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Product Review: Bigso Boxes of Sweden

If you’re a regular reader, you know for the last few weeks I’ve been promising a post about attractive storage solutions. Specifically, the Bigso Box of Sweden. The Container Store has a wide variety of Bigso Boxes, all brightly colored, … Continue reading

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Our Storage Library: Packing up the Books

When I decide I’m going to do something, I don’t like to wait to do it. My husband will think that maybe he needs to make a decision, and then he’ll think about making the decision, and then he’ll think … Continue reading

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Losing a Battle in the War of Stuff: The Rockets Rent a (Mini) Storage Space

If you’ve been following this blog for awhile, you’ll know by now that we’re mildly obsessed with Stuff Management. Moving it around, thinning it out, fitting it together like 3-D Tetris pieces (does 3D Tetris exist, BTW? Because my phone … Continue reading

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DIY Wine Rack II: Taller, Thinner, Less Cardboard

My second blog, way back, was about our custom-built combo bar, cookbook shelf, and wine rack. (Cocktail Hour, January 15, 2009) The wine rack itself was made of stacked cardboard tubing; it worked well, but didn’t fit bigger Pinot Noir … Continue reading

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The Amy Vanderbilt Success Program for Heiresses

Last summer, another Devil-Ette, The Spitfire, picked up a swell collection of pamphlets from the Alameda Flea Market. We shared a bus home from practice, and we spent one lovely ride home reading through selections from The Amy Vanderbilt Success … Continue reading

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