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OK, kid. Time to grow up.

NOTE: Goodness, re-reading this the morning after, I sound like such a Negative Nellie. And how am I repaid for my annoyance toward my youngest love? It’s almost 9 AM and I’m at home, and EVERYONE is still sleeping. Shame … Continue reading

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Mmm, strawberries! Yuck, strawberry hemangiomas.

This is going to be a mite quickie because I’m still playing catch-up at work, and I’ve discovered Gillian has the psychic ability to sense exactly when I’m sitting down to blog, and immediately go from Happy Babbling Mode into … Continue reading

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Bringing Home Baby

At long last, I have a moment to post the latest update from Mission Control: we have two babies in the house. One’s snoozing in her crib and the other’s getting a bath. And Mommy’s enjoying a microsecond of blogging … Continue reading

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