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When it Comes to Air Quality, Better is Not Good

Nov 3 UPDATE: Read the article in the Post-Gazette here: Western Pennsylvania native helped spur council conversation on air quality   In the last year, I’ve gotten more involved with working toward better air quality in Pittsburgh. Today, I joined … Continue reading

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Oh, how our lives will change.

Nothing like a flight on an airplane to bring on a quick-burn stuffy head flu virus. On the upside, judging from her screams when she sees the Blue Sucker Of Hate, Gillian’s lungs haven’t been aversely affected. (We only brought … Continue reading

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The Luck of the Dragon

Man, nothing like long-distance house-hunting, packing up 14 years’ of apartment life, and an epidemic of the stomach flu to keep a girl busy. But fortunately, the Year of the Dragon has started, and despite some recent excitement, this whole … Continue reading

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It’s Time to Leave the Capsule (If You Dare)

At one point during our week-long stay with my mother-in-law, in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington, DC, I looked down at the sidewalk and thought: There’s no poop on the street. I could point to a dozen different points … Continue reading

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