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The Worst Picnic Ever

You won’t believe me. You’ll look at the pictures and think, good lord, she’s ungrateful, or delusional, and does she ever do anything but complain? But pictures LIE. They show smiles where a moment before there were tears. Angled right, … Continue reading

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…And Happy Father’s Day.

I made a silent promise to david not to blog on Father’s Day, so I’ll tell you now: it was a swell day. Started off shaky, what with the $9.99 Target wafflemaker that took 12 minutes to make limp, greasy … Continue reading

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One Week, Four Dresses

Over ten years ago, tired of fighting traffic to get out of the city, friends of mine decided to host an Independence Day softball game in San Francisco. Since then, we’ve grown from twentysomethings who party into the night to … Continue reading

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It’s Picnic Season… So Meet the Picnic Rocketpack!

I love picnics. I LOVE picnics.  As a kid, we never camped, rarely picnicked, and went to parks only rarely. My folks grew up in the city, so as far as they were concerned, living on a 2.5-acre expanse of … Continue reading

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