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A Good Day at the Mall: Midcentury Modern Finds!

There’s a mall in nearby Washington, PA that came *this* close to dying one of those horrible, slow mall deaths, until it was remodeled about ten years ago. (Not like this mall, which has somehow been on life support for … Continue reading

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DIY Coffee Table: The beater edition

Sometime in 2004ish, I visited RocketMan in his apartment to find a giant plank of wood: about 2 inches thick, 6 feet long, sturdy but scratched. “What’s that?” “I found it in the garbage room.” “Oh. What’s it for?” “I … Continue reading

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Just in time for no sleeping, a new bed!

I’d planned on blogging this earlier, but life (specifically, new life) interfered. For going on six months or so, RocketMan had been saying he wanted to build a bed—something with storage underneath. Weeks passed, months passed, and as I neared … Continue reading

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