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Metro Shelving: The Bedroom Goes Industrial

I keep saying we’ve been crazy around here, and we have been, but we’ve also been doing mad upgrades to the apartment, mostly in the form of Metro shelving. It’s not just for industrial kitchens anymore. You might remember our … Continue reading

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Not Uncrafty: Hiding a Free-Hanging Closet

It’s no secret we’re low on closet space around these parts. In the last few months we’ve installed no fewer than three curtain rods from which to hang shirts, dresses, jackets–you name it. One of those curtain rods was in … Continue reading

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Again, I say: much activity at RocketDigs.

In the past week, we’ve had midnight fevers, Halloween, the election, the Giants winning the World Series, a visit to The Container Store, and much shifting of furniture, boxes, and goods. We visited the storage space (again). We finally moved … Continue reading

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Losing a Battle in the War of Stuff: The Rockets Rent a (Mini) Storage Space

If you’ve been following this blog for awhile, you’ll know by now that we’re mildly obsessed with Stuff Management. Moving it around, thinning it out, fitting it together like 3-D Tetris pieces (does 3D Tetris exist, BTW? Because my phone … Continue reading

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Up, up and off the floor: A Bedroom Makeover

It’s been ten days-ish since I blogged, and for good reason—we’ve been working hard on a major bedroom project. And when I say “we,” I mean RocketMan’s been heading down the hill to The Container Store on a near-daily basis, … Continue reading

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