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Murphy Bed: A Photo Story, Or Project Last Stand

Project Last Stand has begun. Phase I is the installation of a Murphy bed and the reclamation of 40 precious square feet in our bedroom nee sunroom. Phase II may be the purchase of a car. We’ll see how far … Continue reading

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Space Saver: Hang the Fan!

This’ll be a quickie because the little one’s fussy, the big one’s ornery, and my in-laws are due here in about 9 hours. I may or may not have something for you this Friday (I’ll be vacationing in Point Reyes, … Continue reading

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Elfa to the Rescue (Again)

Before I dive into today’s episode of How We Keep Shifting Things Around, I want to announce a giant HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to my gorgeous niece, Sadie, who turns the unbelievably mature age of 6 today. She’s brilliant and funny and … Continue reading

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Presto! It’s a two-bedroom!

Nothing says “in-laws visiting” like “Let’s finish the conversion to a two-bedroom!” No, they weren’t staying here; yes, it was a lovely visit. Just some nights that went a bit later than my full-time-working, toddler-chasing, second-trimester energy could handle. Fortunately, … Continue reading

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Again, I say: much activity at RocketDigs.

In the past week, we’ve had midnight fevers, Halloween, the election, the Giants winning the World Series, a visit to The Container Store, and much shifting of furniture, boxes, and goods. We visited the storage space (again). We finally moved … Continue reading

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