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One year ago today…

… at this very moment, I was probably getting my vital signs taken, and the nurse was furrowing her brow. I had a fever–I’d said all night I did–and I was officially on infection watch. Which meant suffering through the … Continue reading

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OK, kid. Time to grow up.

NOTE: Goodness, re-reading this the morning after, I sound like such a Negative Nellie. And how am I repaid for my annoyance toward my youngest love? It’s almost 9 AM and I’m at home, and EVERYONE is still sleeping. Shame … Continue reading

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How to Bathe A Newborn

“How to Bathe a Newborn” seems like a silly post, doesn’t it? After all, we’ve all been bathing ourselves for quite some time. Or so one thinks until the baby’s been home for three weeks and one notices the hidden … Continue reading

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A Little Wallow in My Tea, Please.

This morning, around 6:30 AM, as I was inserting the blue sucker of hate up my newborn preemie’s teeny, tiny, stuffed-up nose, inhaling what smelled suspiciously like burnt oatmeal in the slow cooker, and fighting to keep my eyes open, … Continue reading

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Two and Through

Early on day two of my bedrest, a perinatal specialist came in to consult with me. He was positive about my stability, confident that I would make it to the 48-hour mark, and hoped I would even get in another … Continue reading

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