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A Spring Vacation, Only Not

Firstly, thanks to, who somehow discovered RocketCityDigs and featured us as one of the best DIY/Home Improvement Blogs in Pittsburgh. Pretty sweet, eh? I joked for years that Pittsburgh’s not safe until after St. Patrick’s Day. That is: it … Continue reading

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It’s Time to Leave the Capsule (If You Dare)

At one point during our week-long stay with my mother-in-law, in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington, DC, I looked down at the sidewalk and thought: There’s no poop on the street. I could point to a dozen different points … Continue reading

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To Grandmother’s House We Go: Our Nation’s Capital

So we’re five days in, and it looks like the kids are mostly going to sleep when we want them to, and naptime is slightly less stressful than it was three days ago. Which means I actually have a spare … Continue reading

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The Worst Picnic Ever

You won’t believe me. You’ll look at the pictures and think, good lord, she’s ungrateful, or delusional, and does she ever do anything but complain? But pictures LIE. They show smiles where a moment before there were tears. Angled right, … Continue reading

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A Dad’s Best Day Ever

As I mentioned last week, on Thursday we headed down to Monterey, CA for a quickie vacation with my folks, just in from southwestern Pennsylvania. Why, you ask, did we leave town days after getting back into town? Partially because … Continue reading

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