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Product Review: Goldbug Monkey Backpack

Right around the time that Eliza started walking, about four months ago, I began eyeballing the Goldbug Monkey Backpack on Amazon. It’s cute and stuffed and she loves monkeys, and I knew at some point, I’d have to let her … Continue reading

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Product Review: The Temple Thermometer

Last week, the RocketBaby had a little cold that blew up into three nights of fevers, and three days of a very tired RocketMama. It doesn’t take much to know when your kid has a fever–just a quick kiss to … Continue reading

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Mommy’s Little Helpers: A Pregnant Woman’s Guide to Managing the Sisters of No Mercy

I’m barely into week 24, and they’re all back. All my little friends that made me feel oh-so-maternal two years ago: Sister Mary Heartburn, Sister Mary Constipation, St. Sciatica, Our Lady of the Constant Snot,¬†and that cruelest of companions, Mother … Continue reading

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A Diaper Carousel

Since we’re a part-time cloth diaper family, we don’t pay for a diaper service, and as such, we do a lot of hand-washing. Depending on RocketBaby’s intake of fluids, our bathroom–and the hallway, and occasionally our room–could get fairly crowded … Continue reading

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Product Review: Baby Signing Time

RocketMan and I decided early on that we’d try to teach the baby sign language. At six months, I was signing “milk” every hour of the day, and if you try the sign for milk (open and close your fist … Continue reading

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