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In Defense of Morning People, or, 7 Ways to Avoid Getting Stabbed with a Bagel Knife

Engaging in society-wide, public loathing of morning people has always been a fun pastime. Morning people, (as we all know) typify the very worst kind of vapid, gung-ho, obnoxious teacher-pleasing go-getter: they’re not just extroverts. They take their productive extroversion … Continue reading

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When it Comes to Air Quality, Better is Not Good

Nov 3 UPDATE: Read the article in the Post-Gazette here: Western Pennsylvania native helped spur council conversation on air quality   In the last year, I’ve gotten more involved with working toward better air quality in Pittsburgh. Today, I joined … Continue reading

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A Tree Lends a Hand… Branch?

Back in the 80s, Eat’n’Park, a local franchise akin to Denny’s, began airing this commercial. The holiday season is not official without the airing of this commercial during the Macy’s Parade, and thanks to YouTube, everyone can enjoy it, even … Continue reading

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Prototyping the Kitchen, Part II

A few weeks ago, we cut a hole in the wall. We do that a lot. Last time we did it, it was to reopen a hole in our front hall–one that was in the original house. I’ll post about … Continue reading

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Changing the Conversation

I’ve been busy blogging over at, and I’d kindly ask you to shoot on over there to read not one, but TWO posts about rape in our favorite movies. Sometimes wacky hijinks are just wack. Post #1: Changing the … Continue reading

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