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One year ago today…

… at this very moment, I was probably getting my vital signs taken, and the nurse was furrowing her brow. I had a fever–I’d said all night I did–and I was officially on infection watch. Which meant suffering through the … Continue reading

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Product Review: The Graco Nasal Clear Nasal Aspirator, or the Amazing Automatic Snot Sucker

When we decided to have children, I knew I was committing myself to a new life of yuck: changing diapers, cleaning up vomit, sticky fingers, you name it. I had not, however, thought about the fact that I would be … Continue reading

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To Grandmother’s House We Go: Our Nation’s Capital

So we’re five days in, and it looks like the kids are mostly going to sleep when we want them to, and naptime is slightly less stressful than it was three days ago. Which means I actually have a spare … Continue reading

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The Most Forlorn Elf in Christmastown

Eliza loves Christmas. She loves the trees, the flowers, the stars, the reindeer, the snow. She even loves Santa. That is, when he’s not actually, you know, near her. We got in a visit to Santa at Westfield mall in … Continue reading

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Please, Yell at My Kid.

A few weeks ago, on Thanksgiving day, I heard my sister-in-law say, “No, Eliza! You’ll pinch your fingers!” from the other room. My mama instinct kicked in–heydon’tyellatmykid was the first thought–and the second was, Oh, good. I wasn’t there, but … Continue reading

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