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Milestones that Really Matter: Exiting Toddler Years

Object permanence? Bah! Holding the head up? Whatever. You make a trip to Goodwill, and bring one or more of the following: Changing station High chair Stepstools Carseat Bib Diaper bag Pack’n’Play Stroller Baby gates Doorknob covers Cabinet locks Any … Continue reading

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My new favorite place in the whole wide world: The ReStore

As you all might remember I’m a big fan of, and the community over there introduced me to the ReStore, a kind of Goodwill for housewares. It benefits Habitat for Humanity, generally has limited hours, and is a goldmine … Continue reading

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Daughter of Chainsaw: Clearing Out the Underbrush

A few years ago, my brother described a new habit of my dad’s. The first nice day in spring, Dad fills the chainsaw with gasoline, proclaiming that a tree needs to be pruned out back. He then spends the next … Continue reading

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The Hidden Majesties of a Home: Unearthing a Midcentury Mural

After long weeks of waiting, the time finally came this week: we put the key in the lock, opened the door, and stepped into a house that is completely ours, to do with what we please. We spent that first … Continue reading

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A Good Day at the Mall: Midcentury Modern Finds!

There’s a mall in nearby Washington, PA that came *this* close to dying one of those horrible, slow mall deaths, until it was remodeled about ten years ago. (Not like this mall, which has somehow been on life support for … Continue reading

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