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Spring Cleaning Order #2: Kick Out the Drugs!

So last week we purged all our excess bath products, right? If you’re anything like me, the act of seeing the back of your medicine cabinet for the first time in months should have spurred you on to whip through … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning Order #1: Use it or Lose it!

We’ve all been there: standing in the skincare aisle of Walgreens, looking for new soap, when the eye catches a new miracle lotion that shaves your legs, removes cellulite, and writes thank-you notes. Or passing by a bath product store … Continue reading

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Elfa to the Rescue (Again)

Before I dive into today’s episode of How We Keep Shifting Things Around, I want to announce a giant HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to my gorgeous niece, Sadie, who turns the unbelievably mature age of 6 today. She’s brilliant and funny and … Continue reading

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Organization Cure-Alls: The Binder Clip

Every family has its own Band-Aids. My mom loves Scotch tape. A friend of mine would use a cable tie to repair his shoelaces.¬†We have binder clips. They’re the Mary Poppins of fasteners: practically perfect in every way. They’re metal, … Continue reading

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Product Review: Bigso Boxes of Sweden

If you’re a regular reader, you know for the last few weeks I’ve been promising a post about attractive storage solutions. Specifically, the Bigso Box of Sweden. The Container Store has a wide variety of Bigso Boxes, all brightly colored, … Continue reading

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