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Introducing the Coolest Bed Ever

We’ve been thinking for months about getting a Murphy bed, and we’re actually starting to dig into some serious research. We don’t need anything too fancy–standalone and seimsic-safe are pretty much our sole requirements, besides queen-sized and “folds up nice.” … Continue reading

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Transformation of a street treat chair: A craft half-fail.

Dinner is waiting for me and I’m a hungry mama, so I’m going to make this as quick as I know how. Bottom line: this post has been waiting in my “FutureBlog” folder for so long (how long?) so long … Continue reading

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One-Bedroom, Meet Two-Bedroom

Holy mackerel. We did it. Remember that wild hair I mentioned about a month ago? Stash the DVDs, stash the books, make ourselves a two-bedroom? We actually did it. All three. On a trial basis, anyway. After much discussion re … Continue reading

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Bringing in the reinforcements: Space Angels!

Oi. Between work, doctor’s visits, a failed attempt to wean RocketBaby from her occasional bottle (I am not looking forward to her teenage years), unexpected medical bills–it’s a crazy week on the space station. Fortunately, we did make some headway … Continue reading

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Drastic times, drastic measures: Converting a one-bedroom to a two-bedroom

It started with the chairs. In early July, the AIDSWalk committee ¬†convinced a few furniture dealers to donate four chairs for a fundraising raffle. Mind you, I work at a major international interiors and architecture firm, so we’re not talking … Continue reading

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