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My new favorite place in the whole wide world: The ReStore

As you all might remember I’m a big fan of, and the community over there introduced me to the ReStore, a kind of Goodwill for housewares. It benefits Habitat for Humanity, generally has limited hours, and is a goldmine … Continue reading

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Mystery Solved: Geneva, not St. Charles, Steel Cabinets

We headed back to the Our Sweetheart on Tuesday for the home inspection, otherwise known as When That Guy Terrifies You Six Ways to Sunday About Your Major Life Choice. On the up side, it gave us about three hours … Continue reading

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Oh, The Things You’ll Buy!

Congratulations! Today is your day! You’re off to a house! You’re off and away! Thanks, craigslist, for the table! But only¬†five chairs?   This one’s a doozy. So who really cares?   On your walls, you have space! You could … Continue reading

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The Great Pyramid of Rationalization: My Gump’s TV

I was not looking forward to the holidays this year. November was a visit from my mother-in-law, a visit from my brother, and now my father-in-law. (Only my brother and his fiancee stayed with us, mind you.) On December 16, … Continue reading

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Monday Quick Links, and a Prescription for Beauty

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I keep saying I’ll post more often, and it just ain’t happenin’. I could’ve posted on Saturday night, but instead I made most of Eliza’s Halloween costume, which she then refused to wear. At all. They break … Continue reading

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