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Vacation From Vacation

OK, so I’m not on vacation. I’m on maternity leave. But when you’re usually a full-timer, your third month of spending the day in yoga pants starts feeling a little like vacation. Sure, I’m lucky to get five consecutive hours … Continue reading

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One Week, Four Dresses

Over ten years ago, tired of fighting traffic to get out of the city, friends of mine decided to host an Independence Day softball game in San Francisco. Since then, we’ve grown from twentysomethings who party into the night to … Continue reading

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The Renter’s Artwork Backdrop

I’ve been a bit offline, I know–Gillian’s experiencing longer periods of wakefulness and stronger vocal power, which means less sleep for everyone. So today’s a shortie-but-a-goodie! I’m an admirer of many of my husband’s rental improvisations, but this one’s my … Continue reading

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Not Uncrafty: Hiding a Free-Hanging Closet

It’s no secret we’re low on closet space around these parts. In the last few months we’ve installed no fewer than three curtain rods from which to hang shirts, dresses, jackets–you name it. One of those curtain rods was in … Continue reading

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Not-Uncrafty: Super-Easy Towel Bibs!

I have come to realize that there are two kinds of babies in the world: barfy babies and non-barfy babies. Eliza was a non-barfy baby. She spit up, of course, and we always needed a dry bib handy, but she … Continue reading

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