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LowesHack: A Pretty Spinning Windmill

In early summer, I was obsessed with finding a pinwheel for the yard. Not a flimsy paper pinwheel, but a nice, sturdy steel one–but not one that looked overly old-timey country. Our aesthetic, after all, is more Mad Men than … Continue reading

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Prototyping the Kitchen, Part II

A few weeks ago, we cut a hole in the wall. We do that a lot. Last time we did it, it was to reopen a hole in our front hall–one that was in the original house. I’ll post about … Continue reading

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The Kitchen Island: Prototype #1

When we first toured our house, we fell in instant love with our beautiful Geneva stainless steel kitchen. (OK: I fell in love with the kitchen. David fell in love with the backyard.) As was the tradition back in the … Continue reading

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Star Trek, The Next Generation: A Photo Story

Last year, Eliza was a hobbit for Halloween. The costume was incredible. She looked adorable. She made it to SFGate’s Crafty Halloween Costume Hall of Fame. So this year, I upped my game, and made her a beautiful multi-layer, multi-shade, … Continue reading

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Photographing an Heirloom

Back in May, when my mother-in-law came to meet Gillian, she whipped out a beautiful, terrifying surprise: her christening dress and a dress she’d worn as a toddler. “I thought you could photograph the girls in them!” After scraping my … Continue reading

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