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To Grandmother’s House We Go: Our Nation’s Capital

So we’re five days in, and it looks like the kids are mostly going to sleep when we want them to, and naptime is slightly less stressful than it was three days ago. Which means I actually have a spare … Continue reading

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Grillin’ and Chillin’

“Does it have a grill?” “It has an enclosed backyard, DirectTV, and a view of the vineyards.” “Does it have a grill?” “It doesn’t say on the description. But it’s isolated and only a mile or so from town.” “Can … Continue reading

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A Proper Bowl of Porridge

In recent years I’ve developed a devotion for oatmeal for breakfast. San Francisco is always oatmeal weather, and it’s so warm, comforting, and easily zazzed up with bananas, brown sugar, oatmeal, walnuts–you name it. But until I walked into Jamba … Continue reading

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What Is For Dinner is What Was For Dinner: The Mashed Potatoes Edition

Way back when I made a post about stocking a tiny kitchen–a constant concern when you’ve got 42 square feet and a love of cooking. One of the other battles one faces in a small kitchen is once you’ve cooked … Continue reading

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Entertaining on the Space Shuttle

Living in a small space, after time, becomes as easy as any habit; even with two-and-a-half people and another on the way, it’s not too big of a deal. You get used to traffic patterns and flying elbows and running … Continue reading

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