About Our Apartment Then, and House Now.

If you’re reading about our San Francisco apartment, here’s the score.¬†They always say you have to start with good bones, and somehow my husband managed to find this place in 1997 (advertised in the newspaper, of all places). My previous apartments were smaller, less airy, a LOT more infested, and I know in that, we’re lucky. But I think the customizations we’ve made can be used in any small space.

  • Square Footage: 680
  • Rooms: Kitchen; living room; bedroom nee sunroom; hallway/alcove; bathroom; one bedroom
  • Closets: 3
  • Location: Downtown San Francisco, fifth floor; in the back of the building
  • Light: Excellent. We have huge windows–six feet tall by five feet wide, with an unblocked southern exposure. Being on the downhill side of a San Francisco hill has serious benefits, and we’re lucky, I know.
  • Kitchen: Tiny galley. Not NYC-apartment, fridge-under-the-counter tiny, but smaller than most.
  • Bathroom: Nice-sized. And with a window!

Note:This layout is totally not even close to being to scale. While RocketMan has an excellent sense of space, I couldn’t tell you if something’s ten feet or fifteen feet away; it’s not my thing. But this is a general idea of the layout. Also, probably, a generous idea.

Layout as of 1/9/2011

Layout as of 1/9/2011


In February 2012, we moved to Pittsburgh, PA, and are living in a house with bedrooms and a porch and an attic and backyard and everything. So far it’s been pretty swell.

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  1. julie says:

    Dear Rockette,
    I am writing in desperate confusion over the issue of remote control light switches. Like you, I live in a prewar apartment (other coast) but the problem with mine is not a lack of outlets but a total absence of wall switches. Do you remember the Honeymooners? Or those New Yorker cartoons by Price (I think it was) in which wretched men, women, dogs and always many cats would do ironing and such below a bare light-bulb with a pull-chain hanging from it? That’s my apartment. Well, in truth mine is lovely and renovated all except for the overhead lights, which still have strings hanging from them. I would love to install a nice fixture and shade in one or two places (there are a lot of these ceiling bulbs here) and my question is simple: Are there remote control switches you can use with ANY fixture, or do you have to buy a special one that is made with some sort of special sensor for that switch? Or can you buy the sensor and attach it to your fixture of choice? I have looked it up all over the internet and can’t find the answer anywhere.. Hoping you can help. Thanks so much.

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