They changed the Matrix.

What’s that book doing on the floor? Didn’t I just put that away? And the pillow–I thought I put the pillow on the couch. But it’s on the floor again. How does that keep happening?

I know I vacuumed under the high chair this morning… didn’t I? Or was that yesterday? It looks like yesterday. And her hair, it’s got food in it, but… wait, did she get a bath last night? Or the night before? I fixed her bottles for tonight, I think… are we down to four ounces now? Or three?

How did that book get there AGAIN? I know I just picked it up. Or maybe that was the other book about Halloween, the one with the pumpkins… but this has pumpkins. They both have pumpkins. And they’re both–no, that one’s on the shelf. Maybe that’s the one I put back.

Speaking of books, I know I just advanced Netflix to the next episode of SkyDancers, but maybe I didn’t, because it’s asking me to change it again. I’d do it, except the remote is–wait, it was on the counter. We always put it on the counter. Except when it’s on the stereo cabinet. Or between the–yes, between the cushions in the couch. I don’t think I put it there, but it’s hard to know.

OK, people, WHY is the table not set? I just asked you–didn’t I? I think. You weren’t listening. Unless I only thought I said it but then didn’t say it because–oh, crap, I left the burner on and good god, how did the stepstool get in front of the stove? And the dishwasher’s open. I need to remember to latch it every time. But I do, don’t I? Do they know how to unlatch the dishwasher now? And the front door-WHY IS IT OPEN? Don’t tell me I didn’t close it when I got the mail. Unless David didn’t close it when he–is it paper day? Do we need to take out the trash?

What’s that book doing on the floor?

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