Oh, The Things You’ll Buy!

Congratulations! Today is your day! You’re off to a house! You’re off and away!
Thanks, craigslist, for the table! But only five chairs?

Click for more of funky mcm's craigslist sales!

Bought from craigslist for $400 (with delivery!). And he knows a guy who's got a sixth chair!


This one’s a doozy. So who really cares?

Can't wait to start the search for vintage-y upholstery fabric!


On your walls, you have space! You could hang a clean sock.
Or even a George Nelson starbursty clock!

See it on amazon!

Bought new from Amazon for $115. Same design, same materials, new clock.


In your corner, what’s that? Is that room for a light?
A light with four globes that’s way outta sight?

Bought from a guy in Ellwood City who's getting rid of all his gold stuff, because he's switching to silver. Thanks, Vaughn!


You knew this would happen, you predicted this fact:
That getting more space would result in more crap.
You had all that room, and you filled it with stuff!
But it all looks so pretty. And I waited enough.

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