To Grandmother’s House We Go: Our Nation’s Capital

So we’re five days in, and it looks like the kids are mostly going to sleep when we want them to, and naptime is slightly less stressful than it was three days ago. Which means I actually have a spare moment! (We’ll see how long that lasts.)

One of the best parts of visiting Grandma, of course, is Grandma’s apartment. David’s mother is a bit of a pack rat, and so her apartment is a treasure trove of ancient wonders: David’s Curious George doll (which has been put in time-out, had his diaper changed, taken for a stroll and fed); original Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls; a town block set that was Ann’s as a child.

The favorites this year, though, have been (what else?) a sparkly elf, whose name is apparently Sneezy, and this divine book of sheet music, which has become our bedtime story.


I don’t know who edited it, but I’m pretty sure that this wasn’t how Noel was spelled, even in the year MCMXXXVIII.


And on this dreary December day in Washington, DC, we took some time to do something I didn’t do growing up: decorated Christmas cookies! My mother loved baking cookies, but baking was always her escape time into the kitchen, so we didn’t do much decorating ourselves.

The search for cookie cutters unearthed all kinds of goodies, like this sifter and these baking cups.


Eliza took charge of shaking salt and pepper onto the cookies.


Grandma’s oven even has a special window where we can watch the cookies bake.


I hope you all enjoy your Christmas cookies as much as we did!


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