Product Review: The Applecore

As followers of this blog no doubt have realized, we have a cord problem in our apartment. The building is a pre-war, which means we have exactly eight outlets for all 680 square feet. How pre-war is it? So pre-war that it was originally built without electricity, meaning all the outlets are on the OUTSIDE of the wall.

We have a power strip for every outlet, an extension cord for every power strip. Cords run along our wainscoting and hanging bar, along the floors and doorjambs; half of the time spent on decorating in our apartment involves hiding cables. So when someone from Applecore contacted me and offered to send a few free cordkeepers for review, I said YESPLEASEANDTHANKYOU.

Of course, that was months ago, right when I started back at work, when I thought I’d have more than five minutes a week to think about blogging. The good news is, we’ve had plenty of time to test out and implement the new cord-keeping system.

The concept is pretty simple: the Applecore is shaped like (you guessed it) an apple core. It’s made of silicon (I think), and has two notches to lock the cord in place. They come in a variety of colors, and when I brought home my bag, I realized the first drawback for us: they’re adorable, and therefore they look like toys. As electrical cords are not a desirable plaything for a toddler, I realized we’d have to implement them out of reach.

See the blue guy?

You can see the cord problem in Eliza’s room. Our orange art backdrop hides the extension cord running up from the floor, and into that one cord, we have to plug the fan, the white noise machine, and her nightlight. Attractive, no? I used the blue, small-sized applecore to wrap the thin white noise cord. It worked well enough.

Place #2: The bottom of the extension cord, hidden behind a nightstand.

Ah, tape. Pretty, no?

This was a medium-sized applecore, and I probably could have used a bigger one. The notches for the cord were just a wee too small for the flat cord. But it certainly cleaned up the space and prevented me from needing to tape more cord to the back of the art backdrop.

Generally speaking: they’re fine. They’re colorful, inexpensive and clever enough in their way, and I like that they come in a variety of sizes. They work better than velcro cable ties, but I don’t know that they’re superior to the Cable House Cord Organizer, which hides the cords a bit better. Or the Cordkeep’r, which I find to be extremely useful, although not as attractive.

I think their best use would be for small items, like iPad or headphone cords. And at this time of year, when we’re dealing with even more cords and cables for the tree, it’s a good small investment that won’t break up the look of your decorations.

But I’d need to buy quite a few more of them to tackle the mess behind our television set.

Aren't we in a wireless world already?


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  1. Melinda says:

    I also love the white…or better, clear, duct tape for that type of thing and many more.

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