Metro Shelving: The Bedroom Goes Industrial

I keep saying we’ve been crazy around here, and we have been, but we’ve also been doing mad upgrades to the apartment, mostly in the form of Metro shelving. It’s not just for industrial kitchens anymore.

You might remember our former free-hanging closet in Eliza’s room, the one for which I made a curtain. Since then, this happened:

She doesn't actually sleep in it.

Of course, she still sleeps in her Pack’n’Play. And Gillian still sleeps in the hallway nursery. (The bonus of having a well-laid-out one bedroom is that we now have a three-bedroom.) But we’re working up to the toddler bed, and in the meantime, we had to shift around some furniture to continue upping our storage, increasing our closet space, and getting Eliza’s damned car seat out of sight.

So we did this.

Pay no attention to the carseat behind the curtain.

Obviously, I need to finish the second curtain. And we anchored it to the window sill, our version of seismic retrofitting. Behind that curtain is all of my dresses, David’s sports jackets, Eliza’s carseat, and a few other miscellaneous items.

This is a perfect example of why we love Metro shelving; it breaks down easily, goes up fast, and is eminently scalable and modular. It’s not cheap, but because it’s so storable, when we don’t use in the girls’ room, we can break it down and put it back up in a pantry. Or an office. Or a garage, should our life ever include any of those things.

All of her toys are on the bottom shelf, and the green Bigso box on the right contains her “dress up” clothes. All the blue Bigso boxes on the top are assorted storage items–my purses, our football jerseys, tchotchkes, and even some dishware.

I’m thinking about getting some fabric that matches the curtains here and sewing over the blackout curtains so the whole wall looks more uniform. I’d like to use the same fabric, but I’m not sure how much I want to spend. We’ll see.

Coming eventually: More Metro shelving. More Elfa. And a Murphy bed.

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  1. Dottie says:

    That is such a good point about Metro Shelving–it can be used throughout the house and moved around. Well done! And I would never think there was a car seat behind that curtain at all!

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