Monday Quick Links, and a Prescription for Beauty

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I keep saying I’ll post more often, and it just ain’t happenin’. I could’ve posted on Saturday night, but instead I made most of Eliza’s Halloween costume, which she then refused to wear. At all. They break your heart, don’t they?

But a few anniversaries are coming up on my favorite blogs, along with some other tidbits, so I figured I’d share.

Yellow Brick Home is a terrific small-space blog about a couple tricking out their small apartment in Chicago. The difference between them and us is that they own, they’re extremely crafty, and their babies are furry. Check out their fourth-year anniversary post here.

Also, Regretsy celebrates its cotton anniversary today. I started reading it when I was on maternity leave with Eliza, and haven’t stopped ROTFLMAOing since. She’s a little bit mean, a little good-hearted, and a whole lotta funny.

Happy Anniversary, Meanies!

Lastly, autumn has officially arrived for most of the Northern Hemisphere (in these parts we’re just hitting summer), and it might be time to shake up the homestead a bit. One of my favorite design philosophies is Wabi Sabi, a tough-to-describe Japanese aesthetic that is about respecting and venerating the old, while including the new; recognizing impermanence, imperfection, and incompleteness, and recognizing it as good.

In other words: a renter’s dream.

The best American parallel is “shabby chic,” although that’s not right, either. It’s the beautifully tarnished vase holding fresh flowers; the well-made, but chipped, walnut picture frame. (Read about it and you’ll see that everyone says that, by the way: “It’s kind of like… but not really.”) In any case, of of my favorite wabi-sabi ideas is changing out your artwork by season–kind of like pulling out the Christmas decorations, but doing it on a smaller scale, four times a year instead of once. Put away the summery field-of-flowers and put up a beautiful autumnal tree; replace the green pillow covers with pumpkin-colored patterns; that sort of thing. Mix up the chi a little. Of course, living in a small place, storing all the artwork might be tough, so my advice for today? Dig out a battered pitcher or vase you’ve been meaning to a) get rid of; or b) use again; and then go out and buy a beautiful bouquet of autumn flowers. Put them on a neglected shelf (the one with a layer of dust because it’s been that long since you moved anything).

And if you can’t do that, go here and buy an autumn wallpaper for your work computer. It may not brighten up the space like daffodils, but it’ll feel right for those waning hours of early sunset. And get you in the mood for Halloween, to boot.

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2 Responses to Monday Quick Links, and a Prescription for Beauty

  1. Kim says:

    Aw, so sweet! I still can’t believe it’s been four years. Thanks for the shout out, lady! xo.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Hey guys. I love the nursery. I think it is prttey neutral but I say girl too. But it could be for a boy just as easily.I saw your kitties and I have a tip for you. Since we have kitties too and we have a crib we found this trick helpful (came froma fellow cat owner). Put aluminum foil in the crib for a while. Cats hate tin foil. We did that in the crib for a few weeks/months before Jacob was born and neither of our cats has ever gone into the crib. They both made a beeline for the crib once it was set up and that worried us, we didn’t want any kitties on baby Jacob’s face! So we listened to some friends that tried the tin foil thing. We put both cats on the tin foil and they jumped out imeediately. It is a good trick for us cat owners with cribs.It will be any day now. I am so excited for you both.

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