Reasons to Love My Apartment: Rainbow Dance Party!

Our apartment, small though it may be, has one truly spectacular feature: sunlight. We’re on the fifth floor, facing the downhill side of a very steep hill, which means neighboring buildings are shorter than us. Our main room windows are five feet wide and even taller than that, and face south. The bedroom and bathroom windows face directly west. It takes a truly gloomy day to have us turning on lights in the daytime.

If you're wondering, those aren't clouds near the building tops. That's fog.

With two west-facing windows, we get direct sunlight for a few hours every afternoon, and to celebrate the fact I recently bought a prism crystal at an antique shop in Montclair like this one. (Tip: if you want a prism, don’t get one of the pyramid kind. The crystal globes are MUCH prettier.) As such, today will mark the third consecutive day that I’ve turned up the ABBA and had a Rainbow Dance Party in Eliza’s room.

Don't look into the light!

I might get another, just to amp up the rainbowitude.

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2 Responses to Reasons to Love My Apartment: Rainbow Dance Party!

  1. Melinda says:

    Zelda called them Baby Rainbows!

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