Spring Cleaning Order #4: Start an Annoying List

I’m cheating at the moment. We spent the weekend at a lovely vacation rental in Point Reyes, sipping mimosas on the deck and spending time with my mother-in-law and her partner. Right now we’re hip-deep in unpacking from our little weekend jaunt and I’ve nothing for you but some plans for a vacation report later this week.

So your assignment this week is simple: you may have read about our Annoying List: a list of things to do that will make your life marginally less irritating. Spend a half hour walking around your house, pen and paper in hand, and no matter how small it is–“Clean toothbrush holder” or “Creaky toilet seat”–mark it down. Then, by next week, mark at least one thing off the list. Your life will be less annoying in no time!

Here’s a taste of our weekend.

It's 300 steps to the lighthouse. We opted to stick with the view.

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