Space Saver: Hang the Fan!

This’ll be a quickie because the little one’s fussy, the big one’s ornery, and my in-laws are due here in about 9 hours. I may or may not have something for you this Friday (I’ll be vacationing in Point Reyes, where I hope it will not be raining) but you’ll get deets on the vacay next week!

It doesn’t often get hot in SF, but we do get mosquitoes. I should say: I get mosquitoes. No one else in the city gets bitten except for me. The best method for keeping away mosquitoes at night is to blow a fan on yourself. Seriously! A friend who grew up in Singapore suggested it and it works 85% of the time, which is the best odds I get next to soaking in a tub of DEET. So we always have a fan pointed at us, just in case, but it took up a lot of shelf space.

If you can see through the dust, you might also notice the on button is held in place by electrical tape.

So we went out and bought a wall-hanging fan, the 16″ Lasko. Not cheap, but you can stand it up, too, AND it comes with a pull-cord to turn it on. And anything with a pull-cord is automatically more fun, don’t you think?

We've since hidden the cord along the molding.

Presto: a full square foot of shelf space reclaimed. And the fan’s up high enough that it’s hardly noticeable unless you’re actually on the bed. Problem solved!

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