Spring Cleaning Order #3: Tan, Baby, Tan!

You may have already covered this task during Use It Or Lose It week, but given that we’re heading into summertime, I thought it was worth mentioning on its own! We keep all our sun and outdoor products in one box, and what with constantly forgetting to pack them, the box gets mighty full mighty quick. Of course, with all the rain everyone’s been getting, everywhere, it seems unlikely we’ll ever need the stuff again, but it’s good to be prepared.

Suntan lotion, sunblock, aloe sunburn care, bug spray...

You could choose to follow all steps or just the first, but I’m going to go for all of’em!

  1. Check the expiration dates. You knew that was coming. Chuck the expired items.
  2. Check the texture of the remaining bottles. Even before expiration, lotion can get watery and gross. Chuck it if you’re grossed out.
  3. Marry the remaining bottles if they’re the same SPF. No need to have three half-full bottles of 15 SPF!
  4. Guarantee you’ll never forget it again. If you have some empty travel-size bottles around (or even small bottles of the lotions) pack a bottle wherever you’ll need it. For us, that’s the diaper bag, my awesomely awesome everyday bag (the Custom Eula Tote from Timbuk2), and our picnic backpack.
  5. Fun in the sun, folks!

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