Not Uncrafty: Hiding a Free-Hanging Closet

It’s no secret we’re low on closet space around these parts. In the last few months we’ve installed no fewer than three curtain rods from which to hang shirts, dresses, jackets–you name it. One of those curtain rods was in Eliza’s room, and seeing my dresses and David’s jackets hanging in a place that should be the spirit of adorable kid-dom bothered me from the start.

I headed down the hill to Britex, and put one of the women on the third floor through this conversation: “I’m looking for fabric I can use for a curtain, except it’ll be a curtain to hide kind of a closet, but the closet’s in my toddler’s room. Something kind of neutral but not exactly and maybe a cute print?”

To my wonder, she immediately dashed off and found me this fabric, designed by Sevenberry in Japan. I don’t usually use the world “darling,” but I think it fits.

Little trees and little birdies!

We also picked out a few fabrics to match some of the colors, as I had an idea to do color blocks; I was worried all those trees and birdies would be a little bit much in an 80-inch curtain. My original plan was to do a gold block at the top and blue at the bottom.

I’ve never been so painstaking in my measurements before: every seam was doubled and finished, every line measured with a yardstick and chalk, and the math actually worked the way it was supposed to. I originally planned to make two floor-length curtains, but it turned out that one was enough. And not just that, but we decided going with a half-length–just as long as the canvas dress bag hanging from the rod–would make the room feel roomier (even though the carseat and clothes hamper are visible from the bottom). As a result, I have another yard or so of the Sevenberry fabric, a half a yard of the gold fabric, and a load of turquoise blue fabric. But I’m sure I’ll find a use for it. (My current plan is to trim her pink curtains.) All in all, I’m quite proud of the results!

Here’s the angle most of us see.

The rug is changing. Wait for it.

And here’s the angle from the window. Notice the canvas dress bag–I’d wanted it to be on the end, as kind of a second “wall,” but it just didn’t fit with the spines. So that’s David’s jacket cover hanging on the end.

The less-seen angle.

Once I sketched it out and did all the geometry–measure twice!–the sewing part was a cinch. And best of all, if we ever don’t have a use for it in the future, I can easily repurpose the fabric!

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