Not-Uncrafty: Super-Easy Towel Bibs!

I have come to realize that there are two kinds of babies in the world: barfy babies and non-barfy babies. Eliza was a non-barfy baby. She spit up, of course, and we always needed a dry bib handy, but she was nothing compared to Gillian the Fountain Face. I don’t know if it’s her little stomach, the formula fortification in her breastmilk, or if it’s just her, but I’ve seen this kid spray milk like she’s the plaza at the Bellagio. We’re talking all three facial orifices at once, at a distance of up to a foot.

So our little dinky cotton knit bibs were not up to par. We do have two large terrycloth bibs–one leftover from Eliza, and one a gift from Gingerbread Originals. The latter is essentially a dish towel with a hole cut out for the head, and it’s brilliant. It’s enormous–down to her knees–and the extra fabric around her head catches all those little leaks and trickles that happen throughout the day (look for an upcoming post on bathing your newborn). Alas, despite their excellent design they’d both be done by mid-week, leaving us stranded with cotton knit. I could, of course, have gone on Etsy and found a few adorable bibs hand-sewn con amore, but after David mentioned (again) that some of our towels are looking a little ragged, I did a quick calculation: Towels = terrycloth = bib. Here’s what I did. Took less than an hour, from start to finish.

1. Grab a current bib in the size you like and trace around it. I used a Sharpie.

I didn't bother shaping the bottom.

2. Cut along the line. Warning: this will result in teeny bits of terrycloth littering your floor, so either cut it on newspaper or have your vacuum handy.

3. On the Sharpie side, fold over the edge and sew along to prevent any further shedding. I didn’t even bother pinning it. I did, however, use a mildly sassy thread color, just for fun.

4. When you’re done sewing along the edges, sew on Velcro circles. These cost less than $2. You could use the adhesive back, but I’m betting they wouldn’t stick so well to terrycloth. One recommendation: the softer Velcro should face the baby so the back of her neck won’t get all scratchy when you’re fastening it.

The stitching is mostly straightish.

All done! Both bibs I made work as well as we hoped they would, and I have two more cut out that I may or may not work on. She’s slightly less fountainous since we stopped fortifying her breastmilk with formula. But we’ll see how it goes.

Part bib, part blanket.

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4 Responses to Not-Uncrafty: Super-Easy Towel Bibs!

  1. Karen says:

    Holy crap! She’s so beautiful. And I like her little bib.

  2. Dottie says:

    I just have to laugh because I too was working on a bib tutorial for ModernKiddo for next week. She’s totally outgrown the ones I made for her when she was six months old. And she has these splotches of food right around where her bib stops which is mid-chest at this point. Whoops!

    The Peach was a total a spit upper thanks to her baby acid reflux but fortunately she wasn’t much of a drooler. Thank God!

  3. Dottie says:

    BTW, baby is looking great! Go, Miss Jillian!

  4. Jody says:

    Here’s Dottie’s awesome oilcloth toddler bib tutorial!

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