Check out the guest post on!

Hurrah for the Rocket City! Dottie and and Alix over at asked me guest post while Dottie’s on vacation. Head on over and check out my take on Getting Girls into Science Fiction!

My sister and I, circa 1978.


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  1. Erik Evans says:

    Hi, I am a father of twins, and also a designer and storyteller. I thoroughly enjoyed your guest blog on girls and Sci-Fi. A writing partner and I have created a sci-fi female heroine named “Janey Ryan” and we are definitely viewing it as a social movement to combat princess culture. I want my daughter to grow up and love Sci-fi as much as I do (and so far that seems to be no problem since she competes with her brother for everything) Anyway, I wanted to hear your thoughts on some of the ways I can go about marketing my creation and getting it out there in the universe. Any thoughts or ideas and I am all ears. Thanks for writing about this.

    • Jody says:

      As far as marketing goes, you can’t beat the blogosphere for grassroots. “Mommy blogs” are a huge sector of blogging, and they’re a great way to reach kids–although I’d be careful with saying “combat” princess culture! Some girls really do love the fairy princess idea, and I’m 100% on board with that, so long as I know they’re getting a healthy dose of other ideas. (The difficult thing is being able to buy anything that isn’t squarely in the princess realm. Makes me bananas!) But do keep in mind that you’d need to actively follow and comment in blogs–don’t just pop in to market your creation and leave!

      If you DO just want to market it, then send an email to the blog owners directly. Other than that Facebook, Twitter–you probably know the drill! And if you have any videos or comics out there, let me know–I’d love to see them!

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