Elfa to the Rescue (Again)

Before I dive into today’s episode of How We Keep Shifting Things Around, I want to announce a giant HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to my gorgeous niece, Sadie, who turns the unbelievably mature age of 6 today. She’s brilliant and funny and beautiful, to boot, and she’s the best cousin and big sister a kid could ask for. You’ll be getting a gift in the mail sometime in the next few weeks, dollface, I promise!

Back to the RocketDigs. Early last week, as David and I began making an arm’s-length list of things to do in the apartment, I said, “I’d just like to get off the hamster wheel.” We’ve been treading water for months, space-wise: we move a box from one room to another, shift some things into storage and pull out other items, constantly making what we thought were upgrades, but never really getting ahead of our growing mountain of stuff. What’s worse, Eliza’s room, which was converted from our room some five months ago, still stored all of David’s clothes and an Elfa wall unit that was not at all suited to a room for two little girls.

You’ll all be thrilled to know we made some actual headway this week, on a number of fronts (thanks in no small part to tackling The Annoying List again). The biggest project was moving the Elfa unit from the bedroom into the sunroom/our bedroom. “Modularity” has been our motto for some time, and this week’s construction project bore out its importance in spades. When you rent, a true built-in is difficult, so you have to make do with temporary, movable solutions. See if you can follow this next paragraph; I feel like I’m describing a game of Tetris.

We’d already moved a standalone unit from the bedroom closet to the bedside; the other standalone unit, we moved into the hall closet (which had some extra space after David built an extra “closet” in Eliza’s room, which I’ll feature in a later blog). He built a second rack of hanging clothes in the sunroom, which we’ll be covering at a later point, as well, and then moved the entire Elfa wall unit above the original standalone unit. The process wasn’t pretty.

And I can't even lift anything heavier than ten pounds.

Fortunately, the standalone unit makes an excellent clubhouse.

She was unhappy when we began putting the drawers back in.

After a few hours and a missed nap on my part, the project was done. We still plan to hang a curtain of some kind in the front, and I’m not thrilled with the fabric cover for the standalone unit. But all in all, I think it looks pretty darned organized. And it’s not visible from the living room, either.

Still loving those Bigso Boxes.

Elfa to the rescue!

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