Bringing Home Baby

At long last, I have a moment to post the latest update from Mission Control: we have two babies in the house. One’s snoozing in her crib and the other’s getting a bath. And Mommy’s enjoying a microsecond of blogging time.

Home at last and wire-and-tube free!

The trip home was not without its bumps. NICU babies have to pass a carseat test, which is to say, they have to prove they can stay in a carseat for a certain amount of time (one hour in Eliza’s case, 90 minutes in Gillian’s) and still be able to breathe. We brought the carseat, a Graco Snugride 32, in on Tuesday, as we knew she’d be released on Wednesday. The carseat, unfortunately, was way too big for her 4 lb., 9 oz. frame. We moved into panic mode, trying to figure out what kind of carseat would work, and where we’d get it in a city with no readily available Targets, and then remembered to ask RocketMan’s sister about her infant carseat. The regular ol’ Graco Snugride, tightened to the max on all fronts, worked just fine. Dodged that bullet.

Our marching orders were fairly clear: fortify her breastmilk with formula; feed her vitamins once a day; and get her to pack on the ounceage by her two-day pediatric appointment. As she’s only drinking 2 ounces a feeding, and I’m producing four times that per pump, before her two-day appointment we headed to a friend’s house to offload a bushel of breastmilk bottles for deep storage in his chest freezer (Thanks, Dave!). And her appointment was a success: she put on 4 ounces in four days! Way to go, Rockets!

Unfortunately, with all the shuffling around and friends coming in and out in the last few weeks, the non-preemie Rockets all caught the same vile headcold. We’ve been blowing mucus and Purelling nonstop for three days now, and I was the last to catch it; I’m hoping against hope that Eliza’s marked improvement today means I’ll be feeling better by tomorrow. And our first day home was a record-breaking hot day in San Francisco–only 82 degrees, which doesn’t sound like much, except that we’re on the top floor with a southern exposure and no AC, so add 85-degree heat to the mucus misery. Plus, you know, new baby.

The upside: baby’s home! Huzzah! And the best part of the last few days has been watching Big Sister’s reaction to Little Sister. Her first comment on seeing the baby was, “HI!” Then she moved on to playing with the fantastic Alex teaset that Gillian “bought” for her:

A spot of tea, my chickadee?

She’s intensely curious about the baby, and her new favorite pasttime is climbing up the crib to get a closer look at the sleeping baby. What’s really amazing to David and I is how Eliza seems to have grown exponentially in the last few days–like, literally grown, with never-before-noticed chubbiness and height and bulk. Everything about her seems bigger. She’s about 9 times bigger than the new baby, so that makes sense, but it also drives home a very clear point: my little girl is growing up. And our little four-pounder fryer chicken will be a turkey any day now.

Hi, baby!

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3 Responses to Bringing Home Baby

  1. gael says:

    awwwww!!! love the cute pictures! and that froggie wubbanub looks HUGE on little gillian’s chest! :)

  2. Karen says:

    Oh my god, that is adorable! I understand about the heat — but maybe it made Gillian’s transition from the hotbox easier. Who knows? But they are so cute. Sisters!

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