Product Review: Bigso Boxes of Sweden

If you’re a regular reader, you know for the last few weeks I’ve been promising a post about attractive storage solutions. Specifically, the Bigso Box of Sweden. The Container Store has a wide variety of Bigso Boxes, all brightly colored, most for media or paper storage, but we never bought any until we came across their bigger sizes, aptly named the Bigso Bold Box and the Rectangular Storage Box. At $14.99 and $12.99, respectively, they’re not cheap. You can get similarly-sized boxes at your local post office for a fraction of the price. But these boxes aren’t just for holding things; they’re for making your room look nicer. And when you have a small home, eventually, you’ll use all the under-bed, under-dresser, closet storage and require some visible storage.

Both boxes are sold folded, so they require a little assembly. The smaller Rectangular Storage box uses four screws–real screws!–and the Bold Box uses eight. (The four extra screws are for additional stability and the metal handles you can install. We don’t use the handles.) Each box takes no more than five minutes to assemble, and the result is a sturdy cardboard container with two label holders and a metal-trimmed lid.

Our local Container Store sells the boxes in white, black, aqua blue and lime green. After some experimentation, we decided that 1) we like the blue and green; and 2) stick with one color per room. We use several of the large and smaller blue boxes for storage in the baby’s room–haven’t yet made the full transition from our bedroom to hers, but we’re working on it–and the green boxes for what has become my craft corner.

Fabric, fabric, fabric, crafts, current projects.

The green is sunny, and is fairly unobtrusive. But when I look in the corner, I no longer see stacks of fabric, a few odd-shaped boxes and my plastic tackle box of sewing gear; instead, I see five cheerful boxes, waiting for the moment when I have time to sew again. I’m waiting for you, too, my pretties.

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