The Hallway Nursery, Part One

So I’ve been saying for months that I’d be posting nursery pics, and as RocketMan still hasn’t gotten around to hanging the rest of the artwork, I figured I’d at least show you the changing station. Which, incidentally, is roughly half of the full square footage in the room (I believe the total is about 47 SF.).

Being that we’re Container Store addicts, and reorganized our bedroom to great success with the Elfa shelving system, we figured we’d use the same idea for the changing station. Open, adjustable shelves, clean lines; what more could a small-space dweller want? The shelves, of course, don’t stop at the changing table; they go all the way to ceiling. But those shelves are just your basic spine-and-bracket. We decided to go with the sturdier tried-and-true Elfa for the unit on which we’d be placing our offspring.

So here, I present: The RocketNursery. Big improvement over the last one we posted, I think.


A few items of note:

  • We keep her lined, prepped gDiapers on the second shelf, above the gDiaper inserts; I’m not crazy about the visibility of the system, but when you’re changing Le Squirmy Butt, it’s good to have everything ready to go. 
  • The changing pad is not a full-sized pad. It’s a DexBaby Folding Changing Pad, which is to say, it’s supposed to come apart and fold up neatly for traveling. It doesn’t, at least not easily.  That said, it’s small (16” x 32”), which is really the key here. The cover is terrycloth—not much to worry about, laundry-wise—and it has the ever-vital safety belt for when the RocketBaby in your life starts rockin’ and rollin’.

    (For portable changing pads, go with the $10 First Years Fold and Go Diapering Kit. We’ve stopped carrying the diaper bag because it’s just that awesome.)

  • The flowered boxes are a new item offered at—where else?—The Container Store. They’re drawer organizers, but they’re so darned cheerful and cute that we use them to store moisturizer, fingernail clippers, and the nose-sucky thing. They even have bins, which is tempting as heck. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find them on their website, but I believe the small square ones were $7.99, and the larger one was $9.99. The box on the top shelf is where we keep her overnight diapers.
  • The Cavallini & Co. Vintage Flash Cards along the wall were an impulse buy at a local museum about four years ago. Little did we know we’d be using them as decoration, and, indeed, as the basis for a minor new obsession of mine: Dick-and-Jane-styled illustrations. It’s a natural progression: I love a vintage look, I love primary colors, I love reading, and I’m the progeny of two schoolteachers.
  • The print on the wall above the crib is called Waiting, by a divine Etsy seller named Sarah Jane. I’m so jealous—my friends (proprietors of the dangerously addictive met her at a conference recently.

Beneath the changing table, you can see the structure of the Elfa shelves a bit better, along with a few other yummy bits.

  • The collapsible storage bins are from Target. They come in great colors and sturdy enough to hold blankets, sleepers, onesies, and on the bottom, serve as a hamper. (We have a fifth in the living room acting as a toybox.)
  • Next to the hamper is a basic recycling bin from The Container Store; it didn’t work for us in that capacity, so it was another toybox until this morning. Not sure what we’re doing with it now.
  • I also love the Small Tint Stacking Drawers, which contain her socks, legwarmers, and other random goodies.


One last detail… The room gets no natural light when the curtains are closed, so we’ve installed a small under-shelf light for the changing table. Any ideas on how to hide the ugly black electrical cord would be appreciated.

So that’s half of the nursery. The other half is mostly clear so we can stumble in at night without fear of shin-banging. Someday the curtains may grow up to be doors, so look out for that  blog. 

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4 Responses to The Hallway Nursery, Part One

  1. Reiko says:

    Hi, your blog is great! Did you have success finding a way to hide the black elec cord? This may be a common solution that you’ve already rejected; I use a vinyl based paint to hide the cords in my boys’ rooms. I’m sorry I don’t have pics; both their rooms have a single wall painted in a bright color…we chose to have wall lighting instead of re-wiring for ceiling lighting…the cords from those lights essentially disappear when painted. HTH!

    • rocketgirlsf says:

      I’d thought about that solution, yes! Part of the issue now is that the Agent of Chaos is big enough that she wants to grab for the cords, so it’s become a practical issue on top of an aesthetic one. I’ll post if we find a reasonable solution to both issues!

  2. WeKnowStuff says:

    I am totally amazed by this! You were able to work with what you have and turn it into a great nursery for your baby! I have seen many full size nurseries that pale in comparison to your ingenuity! Congrats!

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