DIY Wine Rack II: Taller, Thinner, Less Cardboard

Wine Rack I

Wine Rack I

My second blog, way back, was about our custom-built combo bar, cookbook shelf, and wine rack. (Cocktail Hour, January 15, 2009) The wine rack itself was made of stacked cardboard tubing; it worked well, but didn’t fit bigger Pinot Noir and champagne bottles. An unpredicted drawback was that the space for it was limited. Who knew that, six months later, we’d have found our wine collection quadrupled?

It makes sense, of course: In the last 32 weeks, I’ve drunk the equivalent of maybe 1 1/2 bottles of wine; compare that to my one-or-more-bottles-a-week habit. A glass or two of wine with dinner adds up. I feel a bit guilty about that, actually. Not about cutting out the booze, but about depriving the nice folks at the Bush Market of a considerable Rocket-based profit margin in the middle of a recession.

In any case, in the last three weeks, we’ve come into two cases of wine: one from RocketMan’s brother-in-law, an amateur vintner who basement-bottled a very nice red blend that’s fruity but well-balanced. Another case came from CrushPad, an organization here in San Francisco in which participants pick grapes, taste various wines, and basically create their own wines. Throw those on top of the other bottles I’m not drinking, and we suddenly have a wine collection.


The new specs were simple: upgrade from cardboard; make the cylinders wide enough for fat-bottomed bottles; move it out of the bar. (One of the other motivators was our slow-cooker, which is a huge piece of equipment that had heretofore been living in our credenza.) After some research, RM found a version of the wine rack we were looking for in ReadyMade magazine (their example even had a chalkboard running up the side!). Off RM went to (guess?) Cole Hardware, where he bought two pine boards and a length of PVC pipe. After a day’s worth of sawing, measuring and a few restarts, we have our final product: a tall, slender wine rack that is attached to, but separate from, the bar, and one that stood our 6.5 test, as well. (Involves RM shaking the whole thing for at least 30 seconds.) The cylinders aren’t just stacked in there; he inserted long bolts every six holes to affix the sides firmly.

We’ll update a few months after I give birth, when it’s half empty.

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